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Boat cushions on luxury yacht

We can provide cut to size foam in different grades and shapes that can be used for boats, domestic use and for outdoors uses such as :

  • Caravan cushions
  • Curved sofa cushions
  • Rounded chair cushions
  • Foam cylinder bolster
  • Bull nosed cushions
  • Cushions profile backrest and base cushions
  • Flat cushions- curved
  • Lumbar
  • Imitation roll- knee roll

V grade foam

For use in mattresses and cushions

  • V30 Medium density foam used in mattresses and furniture
  • V33 F Commonly used in seating offering a medium/firm feel cushion
  • V33H Commonly used in seating offering a firm feel cushion


Reflex foam

Designed for bedding and seating, providing you excellent comfort and durability

  • Reflex 340S Medium density fairly soft feeling foam used in mattresses and furniture
  • Reflex 400 Medium/soft high quality seating and mattress foam
  • Reflex 500 Medium feeling luxury seating and mattress foam


Memory Foam

Designed mainly for bedding

  • Vasco 50 Mid level memory foam for use in mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows and cushions
  • Vasco 70 Top grade memory foam used in high end mattresses and mattress toppers


Outdoor Cushions foam

Our reticulated foam, known as Quick dry, is a open cell structure and allows for a rapid water drainage and air circulation. It meets with the Fr regulations and is light weight and easy to store.

We recommend the use of this foam for outdoor cushions as well for Boats for foredeck cushions. (Sun Pad or cockpit areas, fly bridge cushions). In addition, compared to a normal foam, if it falls into the water, this foam will not sink but will simply will float, making it easy for you to recover.

Please contact us for further details.

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