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Cleaning Covers

We can provide a service to clean your cover, from the smallest dodgers up to full winter boat overcovers. Sprayhoods are always treated as gently as possible, so to preserve windows and fabric.

Boat covers re-proofing

Covers are coated with “Fabsil” the U.K's no.1 high silicon content acrylic canvas waterproofing agent.

Sail laundry

As you maybe aware, the following conditions will seriously affect the functionality of your sails:

  • Acidic pollution
  • Food and beverage stains
  • Green algae
  • Mildew
  • Rust
  • Salt crystals

It is therefore important to ensure your boat is constantly maintained and this includes regular washing of your sails.Bring in your sails and covers and we will provide you the service you need.

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